Your lawyer is smart, well-trained and knowledgeable in the field —but relying only on one’s own resources never gets the best result. Even Newton and Einstein built upon the contributions of others.

You might bring in additional counsel to fill in gaps or add expertise. Ultimately this just puts the problem off one level. Whose shoulders are they standing on?

Conducting an interview with the patent examiner can be a great resource--but the examiner is not your advocate.

The knowledge is out there. You can turn to various search engines to help you study the latest legal opinions and USPTO guidance--figure out what research is relevant, and prepare arguments to present to the examiner. That’s not standing on shoulders of giants; that's reinventing the wheel.

We have a better way...

Dynamic Applied Authority 
Our targeted algorithms work behind the scenes to provide responses that precisely match your rejection. That means no more reinventing the wheel. Instead write responses quickly and confidently drawing upon current best practices.
Information precisely targeted to your situation. Drill down further with ability to filter by rejection, art unit, examiner, response type and more.
Immediate one-click responses replace hours of research. Attorneys testing our software estimated that they were able to save 3-4 hours each time they used it on a rejection. 
Comprehensive knowledge
Searches capture insight from all previous USPTO negotiations. That's 16,000+ patent attorneys at your fingertips.
Responding to
Finding precedents
to reinforce
existing arguments
“I would think it would be the first filter
you’d use...the first strategic move.”
- Todd Bailey, Best Lawyers in America, 2013
Five Winning Strategies
for Overcoming an
Alice Rejection