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Patent Office Action Insights

Three Inspiring Office Action Responses From Technologies that Rarely See a 101 Rejection

In some technology classes, subject matter eligibility rejections are par for the course, but in others, they can come as more of a surprise. Take, for example, the field of

Patent Prosecution | Bridging the Gap between Experienced and New Attorneys

Want to teach the nitty-gritty needed to write office action responses to new patent prosecution attorneys. Read on to find out if there is an easy way to do it!

5 Anti-Alice Arguments from Responses that Worked

Since the patent office first started applying it in late 2014, the case of Alice v. CLS Bank has been a persistent thorn in the side of patent attorneys, particularly

Office Action Responses | Beat the House on Alice in Gaming

Is there an easy way to find proven office action responses?……. Read on to find out! While the USPTO has reported that the number of, and variability in, rejections based